Luxury Summerhouses for unique Garden spaces

Quality Garden Offices

The Denby

The Denby summerhouse is designed to maximise natural light with large, full size double doors and windows to create an open and inviting space within. With a pent-style sloping roof this summer house will make a stylish addition to any garden.

The Weston

The Weston is a modern style garden building boasting fully glazed windows and doors including a side window. As with our other summerhouses, the side window can be located on either side of the building to make the most of natural light available.

The Doveridge

All windows (both sides and front) are top opening on this delightful country style summer house to provide an airy and well-lit outdoor space.

The Rangemore

The Rangemore is a luxury corner summerhouse best suited for gardens with tight spaces or unusual layouts.

The Blithbury

The Bithbury is a top of the range, beautifully crafted summerhouse suitable for medium to large sized gardens.