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The Dalbury

Our most popular and best-selling elite garden room. The Dalbury garden room is stylish and contemporary to suit any garden; featuring full pane windows and doors allowing plenty of light to flow in.

The Dalbury Combination

The Dalbury Combination matches versatility with our most popular outdoor room, allowing for a multi-use space in your garden designed around specific your requirements.

The Dalbury Canopy

The Dalbury Canopy combines the elegant and functional Dalbury garden room with a roof elevation to enhance the look of the structure and provide a sheltered outdoor space.

The Huntington

Even with smaller gardens, creating your dream outdoor room is still achievable with The Huntingdon due to its space efficient shape and quick construction design.

The Walton

A grand style of garden room which combines traditional high-ceilinged space combined with modern touches.

The Dukesbury

The Dukesbury brings together a marriage of conventional roof style with twenty first century design to create an understated yet beguiling stand-alone garden room.