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About Emporium Luxury Garden Buildings

Based in North Wales and Chester, Emporium Buildings offers an exclusive high-quality contemporary garden rooms and summer houses, which are suitable for a wide variety of garden types.

One size never fits all, and for that reason we offer some of the UK’s most exciting, architecturally striking, and functional structures with customisable features to ensure you are never anything other than delighted with your new project. 

Are you looking for ways to maximise your living spacing without the hassle of constructing an extension or even moving home? Want to make use of your garden all year round? 

Wether you are wanting to create a professional home office, cinema room, home gym or luxury summerhouse, Emporium buildings has the solution. Make the most of an outdoor space with your dream stand-alone structure, made bespoke to your specifications and built within a timeframe which suits your lifestyle. 

Home Office

Working from home is becoming more popular than ever, and there is no better way to keep your work life separate from your home life than having a dedicated space on your property for just that purpose.

Luxury Studio

All of Emporium’s garden buildings are designed with maximising the use of natural light in mind, making them perfect for use as an artists’ studio, recording room or a space from which you can operate your health and beauty business in style. The versatility of these structures truly is endless.

Hobby Room & Workshop

Feed your passion and give it the room it deserves. Consider yourself an audiophile and want to build yourself the ultimate listening room for your vinyl? Need a light and open space for doing intricate woodwork or pottery? Make your dream a reality with an Elite Garden Room.


Endless possibilities with a
bespoke garden room

Finding the perfect outdoor space is something many of us dream of, wether we're looking for somewhere to unleash our creativity or focus on business away from the household.

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