How to turn your garden into a haven

Create a beautiful garden with these simple tips       

For those of us who aren’t particularly green-fingered, the thought of transforming your garden into a beautiful sanctuary may seem like a pipe-dream, however by following a few simple tips you can have your outdoor space looking tip top in no time.

Work with what you’ve already got

The predominant soil type, aspect (south or north facing) and drainage will largely dictate what you can and can’t grow. If you already have some well-established plants growing it’s also important to consider which new plants will compliment them.

Make a garden plan which suits your lifestyle

It’s a good idea to draw up a plan of what you are wanting to achieve before you spend a fortune at the garden centre. Looking to create something which is both visually appealing and low maintenance? Opt for plenty of shrubs, as these are wonderful space fillers which require very little attention. They are also great for adding form to your garden.

Weeds are the blight of any keen gardener as they will populate almost all open spaces given enough time. Covering any spaces of unused soil with perennials will keep weeds at bay and leave you plenty of time to enjoy relaxing in your garden. If you are looking for something slightly more minimalist, another option is to lay polyethylene sheets topped with bark chippings to create a modern look.

Use outdoor accessories and water features to add a touch of class

Tasteful accessories can help create focal points in your garden and evoke a theme or feeling. Think buddha statues or a Japanese stone garden to give you a true sense of zen. Water features can also add an aural element to your relaxation haven and come in several forms which will look at home in both traditional and more contemporary designs.

Add outdoor functionality with a summerhouse or garden room

Garden rooms and summerhouses are more than eye-catching additions to the garden – they can add a whole new level of year-round functionality, providing a retreat for you to take some time out and spend some alone time, or a space to enjoy hosting your friends and family.

What to avoid

If you are looking for a fuss free garden which doesn’t need daily attention, there are a few things you’ll want to avoid:

Annual flowers

As the name suggests, annual flowers have a one-year life-cycle and die off in winter. Whilst they do look colourful and pretty, they’ll need replacing every year meaning more work for you.

Open lawns

The first thing many of us think about on the topic of gardens is grass. Whilst the idea of a lush, perfectly manicured lawn is appealing, the reality is they require a lot of work to keep them in good condition. There are easier to look after alternatives such as decking, slate and gravel which will leave your garden looking just as stylish.

Planters or containers

Using planters or containers for your garden can actually add to your gardening schedule as plants will require regular feeding, watering and repotting from time to time. It is best to avoid these if you want an easy life.

Wrapping it up

With a little planning and research creating a glorious retreat in your garden can be straightforward and incredibly rewarding. In the UK we are lucky (although some say unlucky) to have a varied climate which allows for a diverse range of flora to flourish, giving you a huge choice when it comes designing you dream garden.