Creating the best home office

Tips on making the ultimate home office

Whether you’ve taking the exciting decision to work for yourself, or you’ve been encouraged to work remotely for your employer, having the right space to get on your business is a critical factor for your success. 

Making use of space in the garden with a summerhouse or garden room can be an ideal way to create a work-focused area, customised to suit your business needs without the downside of dedicating a room in the house.

Having a dedicated home office has several benefits

One of the most important benefits of having a home office is keeping your productivity up. It is much easier to lose focus on the task at hand when your working on the couch, hunched over the coffee table. Separating work life from home life keeps distractions at bay and helps to get you in the right mindset.

A well planned out home office can also be great for improving your health, both mentally and physically. With a considerably shorter commute, you can find more time in the day to exercise or relax, and a striking a better work – life balance keeps everybody in the family happy. 

You might also be surprised at the savings you make by eliminating the daily commute, as there’s no need for an expensive season ticket or extra fuel for your car.

Key considerations for your home office

There are certainly numerous benefits to having your own office at home, however you need to check off a few considerations before you make your initial investment:


With so many summerhouses and garden rooms on the market it’s unsurprising that the price point for this kind outdoor structure is highly variable. When looking at how much your new project is going to cost, make sure you go beyond the price of the structure. You’ll need to factor in an electrician’s cost and the builder’s fee for readying the foundation and building the summerhouse or garden room. We’ve made things as straightforward as possible here at Emporium Buildings by providing delivery, a concrete base service and construction, so you won’t need to bring in any other contractors.

Mobile phone signal and connectivity

Nearly all businesses rely on telephony and high-speed internet access. It goes without saying you’ll want to check that your chosen site has good mobile signal and can be easily hooked up to your home network via an ethernet cable, or have a phone line fitted for dedicated internet access.

All year functionality

Your outdoor home office may be a comfortable temperature during the summer months, but you’ll need to ensure it’s fit for the cold, wet winter months too. Double glazing and good quality insulation along with electric heating will be a must, and an all weather durable roof is required to keep your equipment safe and dry.

It’s all in the planning

Once you’ve decided on the style of building you are after, make sure you take the time to plan your area so it’s perfect for you and the kind of business you’ll be undertaking. Be meticulous about measurements and decide on furniture choices before you commit to you build.

Ready to start planning your dream home office? Why not check out our range of garden rooms to get your creative juices flowing.